Harpo - over 30 years of experience

Harpo (since 1985) is well established company working for disabled people. Our products give access to knowledge, workplace and entertainment.
Harpo is a company with a global reach. Our products are delivered to all corners of the world. Thanks to the network of our partners, people with visual impairments around the globe have an opportunity to improve their lives with a range of solutions developed and manufactured by Harpo.
Our mission is to create cutting edge and flexible solutions for all people. But when a technology may help, in particular, disabled people you will find us there!
We aim at affordable, professional and individualized support. Try contacting us. Our customers use Harpo’s solutions to interact with the world, to realise their ambitions and to help make the world see them for the talented people they are. We realize our commitment through:
  • Ongoing research into new ways to access the world;
  • A continuous search for new solutions around the world;
  • Constant evaluation of the quality of the products, service and support we provide;
  • Striving for excellence;
  • Working to bring our solutions to more of the world;
  • Doing our best to help make solutions more affordable.
We are best IVONA partner for distribution of their speech products for many years now.
Our Speech2Go solution is proving to help all people in their lives and businesses.
More details on our activities and products can be found at: int.harpo.com.pl or at Knowledge Base