First: please register. You will be asked to activate your account using an activation e-mail, later please purchase credits. For that go to „Purchase credits” tab. Credits will be available on your account immediately after payment. At „My recordings” tab choose „Add new” and enter (or paste) your text you want to convert to audio. Next set recording language and voice. After clicking „Update count” the system will let you know how many credits you need to make the recording and will ask for additional parameters (speed, pitch)

It is easy. Just buy a credit package, enter or paste text for conversion into the appropriate field. The system will update the number of credits you need to finalize the conversion. After you click „Convert” your recording will be presented to you (may take some time if the text is very long) and the calculated credit number will be subtracted from your account.

Your files will be available for download on your account at „My recordings” tab. You may listen to them or download to your computer.

At the main page of you will find a text field. Please enter any text into the field, choose language and voice you want to listen to and Press „Listen” button. Text you may record this way is limited to 200 characters and you will hear some music in background. For every client who registers, we grant 2 free credits for a clear (no music in background) recording. Please try!

You may pay using PayPal or with a Credit Card (any major CCs are accepted). It is usually transferred immediately, e.g. in a minute or so, and than the order is delivered without delay.

It depends on the size of your text and speed of your Internet connection. In case of texts up to several thousands characters the whole process takes less than a minute.

Yes – there are many languages and voices available.

The text-to-speech conversion takes place at our servers, so you only need an internet browser and a working Internet connection.

Yes, you may create unlimited number of files and set any names. Each conversion is a separate transaction at your credits account, though.

Please look here:


Depends on a number of credits in a package: the more credits in a package the less you need to pay per credit. In best case you may pay as little as $1 per credit.

Credit is a unit of measurement of text you want to record. One credit is enough to record 200 characters. Credits are sold in packages: the more credits in a package the less expensive they are.

Not an easy question. Number of characters per page depends on many factors. We recommend to look into properties of your document, find the number of characters (including spaces, punctuation etc.) and divide it by 200. The number you will get is the number of credits you need for the document. Remember that the credits come in packages: the bigger the package the less expensive the credit.

You need two credits. Each 200-character block started takes a credit.

Yes – it is true. Please contact us – we will prepare a discount code for you.

Reading 1000 characters with regular speed takes a minute. Precise time depends on the voice chosen and parameters of the voice set.

License terms

The generated audio files may be used on any number of devices. You may use them on any computer, not only Windows. You may use them on any other device like tablet, phone, telephone exchange, mp3 player, in the Internet or even on a tape recorder if you wish.

Yes. All audio recordings from may be used commercially. All files may be used at companies, broadcast over Internet, used for telephone exchange prompts etc.

The Terms of Service for are available here:

Purchase terms

It depends on package you pick. The biggest package extends validity of your account by 6 months (counting from the date of the purchase). 30 days before expiry date you will be informed by an automatic e-mail. Some promotional packages may extend the validity by longer time. The smallest package extends validity of your account by 30 days.

The recordings will be available for next 12 months counting from the date of conversion. You may download them at any moment before they will get deleted, which will take place immediately after the 12 months period expires.

Invoice will be issued automatically after payment and will be available at your user profile – at „Payment history”.